Feeling Frightened, Unsure, Overwhelmed, or Alone?


You don’t have to be… It’s Your Choice!

Motherhood under the best of circumstances can be a challenging expedition. You may have many thoughts running through your head right now like:
This isn’t happening to me! I’m not ready to be a mom!
Will my boyfriend be involved?
How do I tell my parents about my pregnancy?
How can I afford to support myself and a new baby?
Is there anyone out there that I can talk to about this?
What am I going to do now?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy there are choices you are faced with. Society says that it’s your body … your choice! If you’re like most women, you don’t want to make that choice alone. We understand that you need the support of your partner now more than ever. Support doesn’t mean silence. Talk with him about your pregnancy and let him know how you are truly feeling. Research the options together. His voice is important too.

So you think you may be pregnant or you know you’re pregnant?! If you’ve had sex in the past month and your period is late, it is quite possible that you could be faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Are you feeling scared or alone? You don’t have to be.


How on earth am I ever going to get through what I’m facing right now? I did not plan on getting pregnant, and now that I am, I’m so unsure of everything I had planned moving forward! Fear of the unknown can literally shake you to your very core! So who can you trust enough to talk with that could possibly understand what you’re facing right now? Is there someone you can trust to disclose that you may be pregnant?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy and working through all the available options together takes time. We encourage you to take the time you have to be informed, as this is a big decision and one to consider seriously and not take lightly. This is a decision that will impact you very personally for years in one form or another, so it’s important to be transparent, as hard as it may be, it’s important to be open and honest with each other. Share what you’re feeling and thinking. It’s normal to have feelings of anger, frustration, concerns, and fears. Be sure your partner knows where you are at right now. Running won’t work. The more you avoid or deny you’re current situation, the harder it becomes to make an informed and healthy decision. Pressure is not helpful. If you are feeling pressured you are at risk of prematurely making a decision that you’ll deeply regret. Remember that you are not alone. Prepare to talk with your parents and other people you trust that may be close to the situation. It may be awkward, but they might be more helpful than you think. We’re here because we care, and we’ve been where you are now.


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