Marriage is on the decline and many couples are making unhealthy choices for both themselves and their families. Understanding what has gone wrong in your relationship and beginning the process of correcting it is a great start. Healthy boundaries within a relationship is important. Understanding your communication code involves understanding one thing; that unconditional respect is as powerful for him as unconditional love is for her.


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SPOUSE ABUSE – What is It?
Spousal Abuse is a difficult behavior to define because it encompasses a set of symptoms that involve both physical and/or emotional abuse. When it takes the form of emotional abuse, it is characterized by verbal ridicule and/or put downs that demean and patterns of neglect become detectable. Physical abuse involves the threat of physical violence and may include slapping, shoving, and deliberate physical assault.

Spousal abuse is a pattern of behavior that may be the result of a number of different factors. It may be a learned behavior that a child observes that may have been role modeled for them and then later repeats within his or her adult relationships. Studies show that abusers are often motivated by feelings of powerlessness and insecurity. Spouse abuse inflates the ego and provides a false sense of control. It may be the result of a misguided sense of love that results in unhealthy possessiveness and/or jealousy.
If a man or woman feels abused, there are now many organizations ready to help. Please do not stay in an unsafe situation, stop putting yourself in harms way->get help!



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What is the secret to lasting love and a forever commitment?

People across the globe want to know how to make love last.  They sing about it, make movies about it, they even make fun of it because they think it can’t be done!  The good news is that according to studies that have been done, the one thing that makes an impact on whether a couple will stay married or get divorced is how many sexual partners happened before you get married.  It seems that regardless of age, circumstance or ethnicity this appears to be true and it certainly makes sense when you consider the facts behind bonding in relationships when you introduce sex.  Women have Oxytocin in their bodies, people refer to it as the LOVE hormone because it bonds.  This hormone is also released during sex which creates a bond with a woman’s partner.  When a woman chooses to choose one partner and the couple remain faithful to each other this hormone can become the “super-glue” of your marriage.  Click here

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