Creative Parenting Program

You become a parent overnight; however it takes much longer to become Child Wise. This program will assist in equipping you in parenting your child from the primary years though to the sixth grade and beyond. Our creative parenting program equips parents with creative skills in influencing and raising an emotionally balanced, intellectually assertive, and morally sensible child. This Parenting Journey is available one-on-one or group format.

How to Raise a Responsible Child
Obedience vs. Responsibility, Use of proper authority in child training, Who owns the child’s behaviour, Learning new behaviours, Courtesies, Morally/socially acceptable behaviours, Early years of training, Reflective sit time and Matters of the heart.

Keep First Things First
Parental roles, three priority needs of early childhood, to know they are loved, where they fit into the parent’s world, perception of strength in parental relationships.

Touch Points of Love
Two sides of love, the five love languages - words of encouragement, acts of service, gift-giving, quality time, physical touch and closeness, Learning to understand your child’s personal love language.

The Trustworthy Father
Why trust is so important in the life of your child, the non-negotiables for building real trust and respect.

How to Raise a Moral Child
Teaching values: Right for wrong, ‘self-oriented vs. ‘other’ oriented and finding Balance, the moral ‘why’

How to Raise a Virtuous Child
(Part One)
Values vs. virtues, the three virtues:
Respect, Honour, Honesty, character building, the seven natural relationships

How to Raise a Virtuous Child
(Part Two)
Peers & siblings, using your parental moral glasses, Empathy, Respect, conflict resolution, social grace, the courtesy touch

The Five Laws of Correction
Discipline flow chart, distinguish between childishness and defiance,  all correction must promote learning,  make the punishment fit the crime,  an offence against a person or property requires an  apology,  if financial liability  occurs—restitution is necessary

Red Cup/Blue Cup
Focus on ‘preventative’ parenting skills with the funnel analogy, importance of instruction, age appropriate behaviours and freedoms, moral and intellectual capabilities

Odds & Ends
The parental instruction tool box:  Accentuate the positive, five minute warnings, verbal response, different genders different needs, the appeal process.

Participants that complete this course receive a Certificate of Completion in recognition of their accomplishment.