Growing Hearts

Our "second phase" programming for moms; this program fits mothers that already have children in grade school. Many moms find they are struggling with parenting their quickly growing children and can benefit through enhancing their parenting skills further through this peer-to-peer support program as well as tapping into some other life skills challenges that are offered on a weekly basis. Many moms face unique challenges as they walk through the different stages of their child's ever growing needs and we are here to assist them. For many whom, for various reasons find themselves single parenting their children through some of their most impressionable years prior to their teens, this program is here to support your particular Life-Season. This program will also include a mom's bi-monthly newsletter for the participants, keeping them in the loop with parenting tips, easy step recipes, monthly challenges & special events.

Our Eye-Spy Squad program runs concurrently with our Thursday Morning Programming, the Eye-Spy Squad program is free and designed for the infants and children of mothers enrolled in our Growing Hearts and MOPS programming only. Our weekly programs run Thursday mornings from 9:30am-11:30am October to May for the exception of holidays *Pre-Registration required.