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A father looking lovingly at his newborn child

Our Goal-  To assist dads and dads-to-be to improve the health and well-being of children/families by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.

The importance of fathers resonates with every man and woman alive.  The popularity of the TV series “This Is Us” is found in the unspoken fact that here is a story of a family that actually has a solid father figure who provides guides and loves his wife and children.  In today’s epidemic of fatherless homes, this theme is hitting a raw nerve and fascinates its audience with thoughts of what might have been and perhaps wondering if such a dad is even a realistic depiction.

Those that have had wonderful fathers celebrate them while those that did not, know the persistent ache that is left behind.  An ache that continually is crying out to be heard and soothed.  An ache that feels like an empty void screaming in pain with a volume that cannot be ignored as it pleads to be filled.

Sons and daughters will often resolve that internal emptiness by seeking association with anyone who will at least accept them.  These connections may be found in relationships that are criminal, drug, alcohol, sexual or other high-risk behaviors.  Anger and depression are like two closely connected cousins that often accompany the lives of these lost boys and girls.  They seek out anything or anyone that is in some small way providing a sense of value and purpose to pour into the void.  These life choices are screaming out “someone please see me and accept me as I am”.


At the Pregnancy and Resource Centre, we recognize that an overwhelming number of men, fathers, and fathers-to-be who are perhaps stuck in their life story not being able to see their potential as men and fathers for their children.  The absence of or the abuse from their father scared their lives and obliterated the positive role model that every growing boy needs in order to mature with confidence. Their past has ingrained some false assumptions that blind them.  The client advocates at the centre who sit one on one with these men know from their own experience that though we may be a product of our past we definitely do not have to be a prisoner of our past.

You are an important product of your life story and have essential value to pass on to your own sons and daughters.  A visit with one of our male client advocates will take place in a relaxed non-judgmental atmosphere where your future and that of your children is our top priority.  We understand and commend the courage that is required for a man to step out and seek help for themselves but it is a win-win choice that you will not regret.  Call today and book your free appointment.



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