What is a Doula?

A doula is a personal support worker who is hired by families to support their experiences in pregnancy, through labour and birth, and in the immediate year following the newborn’s arrival.
Like other models of personal support work, Doula Canada supports the continuing education and development of this role across Canada, as families make the request for continuous models of care by highly trained professional doulas.

We offer Doula services to our clients that meet specific criteria. You must have a current worker through the PRC-Brant to receive this free service and have attended your appointments without missing more than 2 consecutive appointments in order to be considered as a candidate for our Doula Services.

Allowing the body to labour naturally is what’s most healthy, safe and desirable for you and your baby. Medical interventions are meant to be used only when complications happen in the labour and birth process. Being aware of your choices, the benefits, risks and alternative methods that can be used in labour and birth is vital in making an informed decision.

Create a birth map

Plan your labour and birth by creating a birth map.  Mapping out how you want to labour, the coping strategies you want to use and who you want to be in the room with you at different stages of labour will help you know what to expect.  Keep in mind that birth maps can change depending on each situation.

Attend a prenatal program

Knowledge is power!  Part of making a good decision is knowing all your facts and learning as much as you can.  While each pregnancy is different, there are always new things to learn.  We offer free prenatal education for both you and your labouring support partner.

Research has shown that those who attend prenatal programs are more likely to have a vaginal birth.

You have a say in how you want to labour and give birth to your baby.  Making educated choices and knowing what you want, voicing your wishes while leaning on support from family, friends and your health care provider can make all the difference.  Take charge!


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