After Abortion – Men


While many people think of abortion as a “women’s issue”, it can profoundly impact men as well. If that’s you, you are not alone. If you’re struggling with the abortion of someone close to you, we want to connect you with the resources that will help you find a safe path to healing.

Your options include resources that are:

  • Individual Advocacy Support
  • One-on-one Confidential Support
  • Faith-based or Neutral Support

Why we care about men??

Men need to know they are not alone in the confusion, anger, and pain following their passive or active involvement in an abortion decision.  There have been in excess of 40 million abortions in North America and if even just 10% of the fathers-to-be are in pain, that would mean that there are over 4 million men suffering the loss of their child.

Men are often intimidated to keep silent with the line, “a woman has the right to choose to do what she wants with her body” and “you’re a man, you have no right to tell a woman what to do with her body.  Women are right. Their body is theirs and must be respected.  However, when a woman becomes pregnant, her body is not just hers any longer. It now also belongs to her child.  A living human being is conceived and attaches to the wall of her womb. It is within her, yet distinct from her.  It is in her body but it is not her body.  This child has a unique DNA and a unique blood type and is a unique human being with a detectable heartbeat at 5-6 weeks after conception.  It is a scientifically proven fact that 100% of the time the end result of conception within the woman’s womb will be human.  Her body has become the home of another distinct human.

A father’s participation needs to be highlighted.  While the woman’s body is her body, it is not just her baby.  It is their baby.  Regardless of whether they planned to have a baby or not, it is their baby.  Regardless of whether the father desires to take responsibility for his choice or not, it is their baby.  Regardless if a father participates in the choice to abort or not, it is not his body but definitely is his baby.

There few things more precious than a father’s love.  Abortion is not only about a mother’s choice but equally so about a father’s responsibility.  The perpetual lie that men need to stay out of the discussion about abortion—because it a woman’s body—is not only untrue, it is catastrophic for generations to come.


At the Brant Pregnancy and Resource Centre we understand the male perspective and seek to mentor and encourage:

A generation of men who will honour ladies by helping them to protect their precious sexuality as it was intended.

A generation of men who will not treat women like objects, but honour them with decency and respect.

A generation of men who will not walk away when they get a woman pregnant or pressure a woman to end their child’s life.

A generation of men who will love their unborn children and follow their instincts to protect, provide and go to utmost lengths to encourage the mother to have their baby.  They must be willing to help raise their child or take leadership and help arrange an adoption.

Men cannot do it alone but also need:

– A generation of women who will encourage men to take responsibility and show the sacrificial love and empathy that ought to mark men and not push them out of the conversation about the future of their unborn child.

At the Brant Pregnancy and Resource Centre we come alongside men who are seeking to be better fathers and men who are grieving the lost opportunity of fathering due to miscarriage or a chosen abortion. Grief and pain is a road that should not be walked alone.  Talk to people who have been where you are.Call for an appointment so we can show you how deeply we care.


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